Wind/Hail Losses

Each year, the Midwest sees its share of severe storm activity. Tornadoes, straight-line winds, lightning, and hail storms can all cause extensive property damage. If you experience damage of this nature, you want to know you are in good hands. United Services has a demonstrated record of exceptional service, delivered under pressure.

“The city and residents of Woodward offer you a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for your show of support during our time of need. By coming forward and demonstrating Outstanding Citizenship, Volunteerism, and Compassion, you helped us pick up the pieces, move forward, and begin rebuilding our lives. Your help was an invaluable asset to our recovery efforts. Your participation is a credit upon you, your organization, your county, your state and our nation.”
Joseph Karge, Jr., Woodward, Iowa Mayor
Ken Cavanaugh, Woodward, Iowa Fire Chief
(Tornado – November, 2005)

Wind/Hail Services

We may not be able to predict or control the weather. However, rest assured. United Services is ready to help the storm clear!

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