• Full Kitchen Restoration

    This kitchen, damaged in a fire, had to be completely gutted during the restoration process. After the construction process, the old kitchen is as good as new!

  • Stairwell Restoration

    Besides the obvious drywall and carpet replacement, pay particular attention to the new trim work.

  • Home Exterior Restoration

    Not all of the damage from a fire is found on the inside of a house. In this case, after the fire restoration, the house looks like a totally different home. Look closely at the brickwork. Our restoration experts are trained in restoring all types of exterior finishes.

  • Fireplace Restoration

    In this case, the homeowner was able to come back with a different style of fireplace, one that allowed for a wet bar addition. In using all available resources to their fullest, homeowner requested changes can often be made during the restoration process. Let our design experts talk with you about all of your options.

  • Sun Room Restoration

    This dining area became functional as a sun room as well. Not many changes were made here, but the restoration process modernized the features of this room resulting in the homeowner’s new favorite room!

  • Kitchen Cabinet Restoration

    Every homeowner has different tastes when it comes to cabinet finishes. We can do it all from basic and simple to fancy and complex. It’s your home, we’ll do it your way!

  • Bathroom Restoration

    Even small rooms suffer damage in a loss like this. Just because it may be small doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the same attention. We will put it back together and make it functional once again.

  • Kitchen Island Restoration

    Here, the homeowner went back with a different counter top surface and layout, making the island more user friendly. Now, the homeowner enjoys his/her morning coffee at a more comfortable setting.

  • Kitchen Restoration

    Another angle on this restoration job shows the redesign of the kitchen, including appliance placement. Did you ever have that refrigerator in a spot that you just didn’t care for? Here, that problem was solved!

  • Mud Room Restoration

    Simple jobs are just as important as the hard ones. This high-use room was restored to its important functional use.