Other Losses

Ice Dams

In the typically cold and wet Iowa winters, many property owners experience a weather-induced, structural phenomenon known as Ice Dams. The buildup of snow and ice in the gutters and on the roof of a structure can cause damage to the exterior of a building as well as create Water Losses to the interior. United Services has a great deal of experience with this type of work and can help you address the situation while it is ongoing and after it has cleared to repair the damage.

(See Things to Know – Ice Dams for some important information!)

Vehicle Impact Damage

vehicle-impact-damage Unfortunately, auto accidents don’t always involve only vehicles. Occasionally, a wayward car or truck has been known to make its way right inside the structure of a residential or a commercial property. United Services is poised and ready to provide Emergency Services for just these situations. Once the property has been secured, we can work with you and the insurance companies involved and provide the Restoration Services to eliminate the chaos of the event.

Raccoon Damage

racoon-damage They may look like friendly little creatures, but raccoons can be a nightmare if they decide to make themselves at home, in your home! In the process, these pesky visitors can cause extensive damage to the exteriors and interiors of homes and businesses. If you think you may have such a problem, call your local pest control provider first in order to eradicate the masked critters. After the little fellows are gone, United Services will be there to repair the damage and secure the property against their return.

These are just a few of the out-of-the-ordinary losses which a property can experience. United Services’ experience in these and many others will serve you well, we guarantee!

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