The McMillens

The McMillen Family is the heart and soul of United Services. In 1954, after leaving the United States Marine Corp, Dewey McMillen went to work in the construction business with his father, George McMillen. In 1974, Dewey began his own venture with the founding of Commercial Carpentry. The business focused on remodeling & general construction, mostly in the commercial markets. During this time, they took work anywhere, working as far away as Tampa, Florida. In 1975, Dewey’s company built the Sheraton Hotel in Clive, Iowa, now known as The Clive Hotel.

It was in the mid 1970’s when Dewey’s first two boys joined the family business. Kirk joined his father after graduating high school in 1973 and honed his carpentry skills quickly. Two years later, Kent came aboard. While Kent will tell you his carpentry skills aren’t very proficient, he became a valuable member of the team, learning all facets of running the business.

In an effort to stay competitive in the construction world, Dewey and the two boys moved the focus of the company to restoration work and officially began their restoration business in 1983. In 1987, the youngest son, Kip, joined the family, serving primarily as a painter. Over time, Dewey stepped aside and passed on the daily management of the business to his three sons.

Dewey and Lois McMillen were together for 60 years. Dewey and Lois treasured all their time spent with their now very large family! And we, their United Services family, were blessed to have the two of them join us for many company functions. Sadly, Dewey passed in early 2020. He will be greatly missed by his family and by those of us around the office who will miss his wonderful sense of humor and his magnificent wood carvings. Lois, Mom, still resides in Des Moines.

The leadership of the company now rests with the three boys. They are three individuals with three unique perspectives. Each has a different area of expertise and is active in our everyday operations. This diversity enhances our ability to perfect our trades and brings a dynamic and distinct interpretation to every aspect of the business. All three brothers reside in Johnston with their very active families.

Kent McMillen – President

In 1983, when the company began specializing in disaster restoration, Kent came in from the field to oversee the business. His years of experience and knowledge have made him a true expert in restoring a structure after disaster. He is frequently seen on job-sites and is actively involved in all the administrative operations of the business.

Kent is an avid hunter and loves to hunt all things wild! He has hunted all over, including a Safari Hunt in Africa. You can see his prizes displayed in his home and office. With four children and three grandchildren, Kent happily has his hands full with family; a growing one at that!

Kirk McMillen – Vice President

Kirk serves as the company’s Production Manager, which simply means he has the unenviable task of coordinating our crew of field professionals and keeping up with all the work, taking place daily. With his “steel-trap” memory, he keeps the right people in the right place at the right time.

Kirk loves the St. Louis Cardinals and Iowa Hawkeye football! He and his wife Gina have 6 grown children and two adorable granddaughters. They enjoy spending time with their families, traveling, reading & spending time outdoors. They are a fun-loving, active couple and greatly enjoy an occasional trip to Las Vegas!

Kip McMillen – Secretary-Treasurer

With his natural artistic talents, Kip is still heavily involved with painting and designing. On a daily basis, he serves the company as one of the on-site Project Supervisors.

Kip and his wife Gayle stay busy with their two children and three dogs. If there is spare time after that, you might find Kip at a car show showing off his Corvette or at the bowling alley chasing down the elusive 300 game! Kip & Gayle also enjoy traveling, often taking trips to Florida & Las Vegas.

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